This work covers post war topics as well as WW1 as a whole. It has sections on the 1918 battles, and is relevant for the Centenary of the ending of WW1 as celebrated in 1918.

This program captures the diversity of war memorials that proliferated across Australia in the aftermath of World War One – in particular the small memorials that were constructed independently in communities and towns

It will celebrate and portrays the experiences of ex-soldiers and communities that led to memorial construction, through selected and expert select interviews, archival images and footage, re-enactments, and visits to 100 memorials across Australia. The work aims to refresh perception and understanding of objects that have become familiar over time and are sometimes overlooked.

The aim is to provide an engaging experience for a broad audience of a unique perspective on the impact of the war on Australia, that remains relevant today.

There are 20 sections (time codes in brackets). 1. Title (0.00) 2. Grief and Loss (0:35) 3. Buried Overseas (2:22) 4. Living Legacy (7:02) 5. The first Memorials (9:08) 6. Boer War (11.29) 7. Name Plaques (13:46) 8. A Recruitment Device (16:12) 9. Churches (18:03) 10. In Every Town (20:51) 11. A focal Point (20:51) 12. In One Town (28:21) 13. Anzac Legend (35:09) 14. A Common Genre (40:42) 15. Soldier Resettlement (48:42) 16. Parks, pools, halls, trees, drinking water, electric lights, and other memorials (55:58) 17. Victory (58:12) 18. Peace (68:59) 19. Dawn (78:11) 20. Credits (80:51)

Written and directed by Geoffrey Sykes, First Camera Richard Jones
Music by Guy Walton,Mia Wray, Ian Rae, Henry Burr, Debussy, Giacomo Puccini, Scott Joplin, WW1 songs, Pascal Tatipato

Speakers Claire Baddeley, Kerrie Christian, Mark Edwell, Peter FitzSimons, Stephen Garton, Christine Hill, Horrie Howard, Gillian Ludgate, Darren Mitchell, Jen Roberts, Peter Stanley, Dorothy Sykes, Geoffrey Sykes, Guy Walton
Actors: Brad Weightmann, Susan Kennedy

Archives and additional images: NSW Library, Melbourne Museum, NZ Archives, Wollongong Library, Queensland Library, Australian War Memorial, South Australian Library, National Library of New Zealand, Lawrence Hargrave Centre, Guy Walton, Wikimedia, Waratah Centenary March, Wollongong Art Gallery, National Library of Australia, Soliders’ Settlement Museum Campbelltown, Goulburn City Council, Sydney Tramway Museum Loftus

The work is funded by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Anzac Centenary Fund.

Editing and second camera Geoffrey Sykes Postproduction assistance Karen Pouye, Richard Jones Aerials assistance Coptercam Additional still photography Tim Dennis