This rich full multiform work based on the images of eminent Australian surrealist James Gleeson was given a sixth, full length production at the Cultural Centre, Bacau, in October 2014. Previously the show has been performed at the National Gallery of Canberra, the National Gallery Melbourne, Wollongong City Gallery, the Sydney Fringe, and the Bushchapel Helensburgh. The show changes depending of the venue and cast. It is developing into a scale that suits the large canvases of Gleeson’s mature work. This is a complex and rich work highly relevant to our times. The Romanian production was an opportunity to significantly develop the script, and participate in ten days of workshops with three dancers and three musicians. The work involved immersive projection, with bi-lingual texts and acting. It would be delightful to remount the show in Sydney.

” … a fusion of, poetry, song, music and dance. … what is commendable is writer- director Geoffrey Sykes’ passionate engagement with Gleeson’s writings and imagery. …. It achieves a certain beguilement, enticing the audience into the labyrinthine world of an artist, consumed by the philosopher’s quest for revelation, possessed with a fervor for the revolution of the imagination and a determination to challenge conventional reality.” The Canberra Times May 2005

“Geoffrey Sykes did not want a show of contemporary dance properly, but a multimedia construction – a “multi-shape creation”, as he claims – where poetry, painting, music and dance “combine and answer each other”, where gesture dances with the light, the words uttered on stage with live music, silence with the video projections and performers with the spectators’ look. During the rehearsals from Bacău, Geoffrey Sykes constantly did and undid, together with the performers, the show’s texture, searching for the optimal ingredients combination.”  STUDII ŞI CERCETĂRI ŞTIINŢIFICE SERIA FILOLOGIE Nr. 32 2014 by Nicoleta Popa Blanariu

23 October 2014 Teatrul Municipal Bacovia Bacau Romania Writer/director/videography Geoffrey Sykes Images James Gleeson Voice Susie Lindeman Choreographer/dancer/actor Alysha Firbank Dancer/actor Cristian Daniel Osolos Dancer/actor Bobeicu Galina Actor on screen Peter McCallum Cello Liviu Mera Piano Erhan Cornelia Soprano Brandusa Motoc Technical Teatrul Bacovia Song compositions Sylvie Mitchell Musical direction Ilir Merxhushi Script translation Ioana Boghian and Nicoleta Popa Blanariu Workshop space and residency George Apostu Cultural Centre of Bacau Consultant in Romania Nicoleta Popa Blanariu

2005 James Fairfax Auditorium, National Gallery of Canberra. As part of the James Gleeson retrospective. Director and videographer Geoffrey Sykes