Karen is a Digital Producer, Developer and Entrepreneur who enjoys what she does far too much to call it work.

Karen has a vision to change the way businesses and consumers use video to communicate, educate and interact. She is an experienced marketing strategist & innovator who can translate ideas into tangible results. She is particularly focused on finding new ways to improve video accessibility, distribution, work flow efficiency & user engagement.

Karen started out in a teaching career after gaining degrees in both graphic design & education. A decade later she discovered the untapped potential of computer technology. She went back to study multimedia, eventually completing a Master’s Degree in Digital Media.

She became involved in film & video production specializing in animation & visual effects. She worked as a consultant for multiple film projects as well as producing her own award winning short film & numerous music videos. Over the years she also developed a high competency in web programming which allowed her to design & build websites for clients.

She later returned to teaching film, television & digital media studies in the tertiary sector before establishing her own business, Screen Weaver, which provided video production, design & web services to local & national companies.

Combining her experience in education, programming & video production, Karen took on the entrepreneurial spirit & began exploring new ways to apply video technologies to assist both business & consumers. With the help of an amazing team, she is designing world first applications which are changing the way people access & use video.