Lawrence Hargrave International Airport

The work of Hargrave is finally getting the recognition it deserves in Australia and internationally. There is bi-partisan support at all levels of government in Australia for Hargrave to be honored through the naming of the new second Sydney airport, at Badgerys Creek, Western Sydney. It is anticipated either the full airport or its international section could be so named.

To help the cause along we will be filming a promotion video at Badgerys’ Creek. This will be publically available, and sent to all Federal parliamentarians. It will also be included in edited released version into the final version of “Take to the Sky”. Peter McAllum will join us as narrator along with Richard Jones on camera. Hopefully Karen can supply some animation for this segment which will also go into the final, released version of “Take to the Sky”. A short advertisement is also planned for WIN4 (and any other broadcaster/online platform).